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Shelly is the first smart notes app for knowledge workers.

Watch to learn about how Shelly can help YOU!

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Watch to learn about how Shelly can help YOU!

Our vision for Shelly

The one stop shop for your personal organisation. Know exactly what you need to know as soon as you walk in or out of any meeting. Soon you’ll be able to link documents on Dropbox and Google Drive, making it easier for you to find files that are most relevant for client meetings. And you will be able to integrate with email, task lists, traditional notes apps and more. Stay tuned.

Connect Shelly with your calendar

And other productivity apps

Get notes in fast

Get notes in fast! Type, label, auto-save - no fuss.

Use custom labels to retrieve information easily

Search and filter all content.

Auto-organize content

On a Facebook-like timeline

Shelly is stylish and simple. It boosts productivity, saves time and helps you perform as you have never done before.

Shelly is a refreshing combination:

  • Snippets of information
  • On a Facebook-like timeline
  • That know their origin and context
  • Categorized and labeled
  • Smartly integrated with your central work tools
  • With an intelligent auto-organizing bot

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The Shelly beta program is in full swing. If you frequently take notes, including for meetings scheduled with Google or Outlook Calendar, this program is made for you. Help shape Shelly and use the app for free.
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